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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 21, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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you're watching cbs "eyewitness news." two brutal assaults and now this warning. women, watch your backs. >> pg&e finally comes clean releasing the list of those high-risk pipelines but that list isn't exactly helpful. what you'll have to do to find out if you live near one. >> no influence at all from nobody. from nowhere. >> the president aunt speaks for the first time how she managed to stay in the country illegally. why she says the system is to blame. he had so much evil in his life and now he has had so much love. >> and rescued from michael vick's estate, what this pit bull is doing now, to put
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smiles oh some bay area faces. ken bastida. >> dana king. first tonight the wife of a vallejo man said he left her for the woman he is now accused of killing. police found a car and a bloody scene on south parkway in vallejo and they found a woman's body miles away in a car in american canyon. joe vasquez on what else they discovered inside that car. joe is this. >> reporter: vallejo police are interviewing the suspect right now. they believe the motive was that his girlfriend was trying to leave him. as if that weren't bad enou [ sound of tape re-winding ] >> all right. we're having a little bit of difficulty with the video tape right now. let me tell you, there was a trail of blood, very difficult to follow here. but let me start with -- >> the body of 32-year-old richie cam putted was found in
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a blood smudged car. the apparent murder weapon was also inside the car. >> it appears to have been a blunt instrument in the vehicle, in american canyon, we did find a metal bat like a baseball bat inside the vehicle where she was found with blood on it. >> reporter: it marked the end of a bloody trail that started earlier in the day in vallejo. vallejo police found the victim's car at the parking lot of the tennis courts at glencoe, her car was covered in blood but nobody was inside. then several hours later 11 miles away in american canyon the suspect showed up at a coworker's apartment. that could worker immediately called 911. ivan do and his dead girlfriend were in a difficult car. ivan do quickly surrendered and called. he called people as he was driving around with her in his
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front seat. he then called his estranged wife who then called 911. they claim an emergency operator rejected her call for immediate help. >> they told her that there is no police available but they still heard the wife told her that he's still, the girl is screaming, so she is alive. but maybe if they, you know, if the police come, they help -- >> reporter: the police have had major layoffs but they dispute that version of events, they say as soon as they got the call they went to the victim's house. they didn't know exactly where the murder or the beating had taken place at first, so they were just following the trail and there is something else. the suspect is a hospital worker and dana they say you know at least if she was still a life he could have driven her to a hospital if, indeed, it was the case that she was still
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alive in the car. >> all right. joe vasquez in vallejo, thank you. >> reporter: okay. as if that weren't bad enough wedge in another part have the pay area are being told tonight make sure you know what is happening around you at all times. robert liles shows us why. >> reporter: ask most to describe lake manager inc. >> you usually think his face. >> women workout alone and more often than not with head phones or cell phones. >> everybody, anybody, especially people by themselves are all walking around with an ipod in their hands. >> reporter: but they are sending a warning, remove the head phones, hang up phone, and be aware of what's going on. a lone attacker is preying on william, two women fell victim last night within minutes of each other. >> nervous smiles. we have to find someplace else to walk. >> we would like to tell you the exact street but police are keeping that close to the vest.
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they said it happened in excluded areas, where few street lights and few people walking the streets made the attacker unnoticeable. >> after talking to you today i'll be more careful. >> both of last night's started as a robbery but quickly escalated to sexual assault. are careful when you get the to your car and lock it as soon as you're inside. dana a, ken. >> no matter where you walk be careful. after calls from politicians and the public tonight pg&e has posted maps showing the locations of the riskiest pipelines in the state. pipe segments get on the list based on four criteria. first, will there or has there been a third party construction nearby; pipe corrosion, land movement near the pipe such as; the pipe's age, design and what it's made of; pg&e's president
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christopher john says these factors impact the list. >> this list is in flux. some items will move up and some down. >> they say the san brown oh pipe that exploded was not on the top 100 list. when it find out what caused that explosion they might have to change criteria. the maps on the web site aren't the greatest but will soon become interactive. you can call a pg&e hot line, we have that number at and here is what's happening around the bay area tonight. chp says a know vat oh high school teenager was drunk when he crashed his car on friday killing 15-year-old isaac bro. the. the unidentified 16-year-old driver is being held on a list of charges including vehicular manslaughter, two of the others remain hospitalised. grief counselors were at the know vat ojai campus today. bay area's first toll lane is open on southbound 680 along
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the sinole grade. they play a fee to drive in the lane which is otherwise reserved for people. they are set based on traffic congestion. mover than 100 people showed up to protest the new jail on the peninsula. the 6-storey facility would be built in the heart of the city. they fear for the future of downtown revitalizationment because of the option signatures the sheriff says the county will reconsider the plan. she became an issue in the 2008 presidential campaign, president obama's aunt from kenya living as an illegal immigrant in boston. now earlier this year she was granted asylum in the united states and, tonight, she tells her story exclusively to jonathan elias of our cbs station in boston. >> come, as an immigrant. you have the obligation to make me a citizen. >> reporter: this is president
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obama's aunt, a woman many say is the poster child of our broken immigration system. we only found out about her back in 2008. . >> barack obama. >> reporter: it was weekend before the november elections, democratic presidential nominee senator barack obama started getting questions about his aunt. nah tuny on jiang go oh have kenya an illegal immigrants living in boston. >> she has come to the united states in 2000 and says she had every intention of going back kenya put she says she got sick and spent time in a hospital and nearly died. dream became america was my america worst nightmare. >> she became political fodder intended to hurt her nephew. how could she be here illegally for years living in government house nothing. >> i have been treated like public enemy number 1.
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>> reporter: in 2004 she was ordered out of the country by an immigration judge. she didn't leave. >> reporter: did you know that you were staying in this country illegally? >> i knew i had over stayed. >> reporter: how do you respond to those families that would say "why is she getting anything?" >> i didn't ask for it. they give it to me. and you better just ask the system, ask your system. >> reporter: she says she was diagnosed disabled by a doctor back in 2004. so in addition to public housing she tells me she has been receiving and living off disability checks of nearly $700 a month. but how has she been able to stay? >> i, .: >> she was invited and attended the inauguration. the question is did her nephew influence an immigration judge to change his mind because in 2004 that judge ordered her out of that country. this past may that same judge granted her asylum. >> no influence at all from
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nobody. from nowhere. don't drag my child into this. >> reporter jonathan elias asked her how she was able to afford a lawyer to handle her immigration case when she lives on disability and she said that help came from heaven. well coming up another whale washes ashore. the warning the coast guard is issuing tonight. walking away from $30 million. why a pay area executive gave the money back. plus ... one of michael vick's fight dogs is now doing something that seems impossible. >> what words would you use to describe leo. >> clown, lover boy, kiss me. >> coming up in minutes. ♪ the wrightnows what'll it be for dinner, kids? pot roast! pot roast! [ ding! ] ta da. dad, can we get a puppy? sure. let's call him goober. hey, let's watch an instant movie from netflix! a comedy! a romance! how 'bout a dope break-dancing flick, my homey?
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and countless hours of repair. rid-x costs only six dollars, and the advanced natural bacteria generate powerful enzymes, which accelerate the waste digestion. use rid-x once a month, and help save yourself from disaster. state budget on july 1st. so, what have lawmak well we were supposed to have a state budget back on july 1st so what have lawmakers been doing since then. the l.a. times says since the deadline came and went the legislators have taken in $6.9 million in campaign contributions. and most of that money came from powerful interests trying to advance an agenda in sacramento. >> oh it's been a costly career move for mark hurd. he says he will give up $30 million of his severance package from hewlett packard. the former ceo is doing it to settle astute brought by high pressure after hurd was hired by oracle to become could
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president. he was forced to resign at high pressure last month you'll remember in the wake of a sexual harassment investigation. sunday michael vick made his first appearance as starting quarterback for the philadelphia eagles since being jailed for run agriculture dog fighting enterprise. len ramirez shoals us a former vick animal once trained to kill is now bringing comfort to bay area cancer patients. >> lateral back to vick, this is still a live play. >> reporter: the all-pro superstar image of michael vick made the discovery of his dog fighting ring all the more surprising in 2007. >> through this situation i found jesus and asked him for for give necessary. >> reporter: but the horror stories that came from his virginia estate, the hangings, electro accumulations and drowns of dogs that refused to fight were all true. >> come on bud. good boy. >> reporter: that's what makesly 0 so remarkable. as a former vick fighting dog he was once described as a
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ticking time bomb. but today what words would you use to describe leo. >> clown, lover boy, kiss me. >> reporter: she is a certified trainer whose dog rescue group took leo in and quickly focused on his gentler nation. >> our pack rescued him in 2007 and within five weeks he was registered as a therapy dog come on sweetheart. >> reporter: that's right. this broad-shouldered pit bull wears a clown costume to a mountainview clinic once a week to patients who know what it's like to be hurting. >> when i see him it's just joy. i mean you know, he just makes me feel good inside, you know. it's so good to feel good these days. >> reporter: route adams has been seeing him for two years and is now in remission. >> i connect with him, having got to know his story and having gone through what he has
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gone through, and i mean you know, i know that he survived and lived. >> reporter: of the 51 dogs that were taken from michael vick's property only 4 could not be rescued. the rest have found new families, new lives, new careers outside the ring. >> reporter: he has had so much evil in his life and now he has had so much love. >> reporter: love that starts in the home. mcclay rescued leo with the intent of adopting him out. this is leo's home now. >> reporter: leo doesn't want to fight and i don't know that it's so much of a transformation or a rehabilitation as it is setting up the environment so that the dogs can be who they were in the first place which is loving, sweet, affection nail nat animals. >> reporter: in las galt owes, len e.r.a. ramps at home immediates, cbs5. boaters are being asked to slow down after a third dead
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whale was found dead on the beach. there wasn't much left of the carcass that washed up on ocean beach. you can't tell what type of whale it was. it has clearly been dead for some time now. marine experts say there are a lot of what else in bay area waters right now because of an abundance of krill which is what they eat. >> over sparkling water. >> down from an average high of 71, temps span from 65 in half moon bay to 82 degrees in santa rosa which is spot on for this time of the year. at the door you can bank on some patchy clouds inland around the bay. pretty socked in at the coast where we do have sun up 6:55. bayside to the west, due east we will have some spotty areas of sunshine and once all the clouds lift and dissipate they will reform during the afternoon hours. because of this trough offshore. it is going to enhance that marine layer and then back to
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the cool air mass alost drifting in its going to knock back our numbers tomorrow. bottom line a cooler day tomorrow for your tuesday than what we experienced you're going to feel the difference in santa rosa, down to 72, a 10 degrees cooler. let's go ahead and start your pinpoint forecast. 70s around the peninsula and the low 70s in santa clara valley. number wise, 50s in berkeley, 60s in san leandro, through the mid-70s in present wood through discovery bay. north bay numbers stack up like this. 60 in san francisco, down 8 degrees. 68 degrees, petaluma to the mid- 70s in sonoma. the extended forecast there you have it, 50s, 60s, 70s for your tuesday. additional cooling takes plays for the first day of autumn wednesday but then high pressure strengthens resulting in in a warming trend. we're talking low mid-90s saturday in our inland areas,
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eh julie, thank you, this is glorious from berkeley to jogging ton nimetz trail. she kept it up. keep the photos coming to mypix at make it a great day. >> all right roberta. >> all right. coming up a medical emergency in space. what to do? that's ♪ [ horse neighs ] you're leaving. it is my destiny. ♪ take this. it is a piece of me. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's movie time. with a wii twist. netflix now delivers unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through wii. plus dvds by mail. all for only 9 bucks a month. seriously, what is it? when you use lysol neutra air fabric mist. it kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces
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oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. e shuttle discovery made its final trip to the launch pad a bitter sweet side at the kennedy space center, the shuttle discovery made its final trip to the launchpad tonight. it will liftoff november 1st for its final mission to the international space station. one of only two missions remaining. the environment denver launch in february will end the 30- year shuttle program. space travel subject of tonight's good question comes from mccale submitted of half moon bay. he wants to know with a would the astronauts do if somebody had, like, appendicitis in flight. can they actually perform surgery up there? i'm dod
2:01 am
if you get sick at work you can take off, go to the doctor's office and get checked out there. but what if where you work is 250 miles above the earth and there is no doctor available and taking off means a spaceship ride back to earth? what do you do then? >> i know that at least with the or three astronauts on any mission are intensively trained in medical procedures and there is always a flight surgeon on hand at mission control to, you know, talk the crew flew anything they need to know. >> okay. we get the fact that somebody on board knows how to stop a bloody knows, splint a sprained finger but what about the serious stuff. len sha bow says believe it or not they can cut you open in space if they have to. >> they have medical kits up there with step by step instruction cards for just about anything that might happen. >> he says nasa keeps a fairly complete medical kit on board the shuttle and the space station including defibrillators and searchable gear. and if it's really serious they
2:02 am
can load you aboard a some just cap actual and have you back on earth in a couple hours. >> i think that at the more likely scenario taking people back to earth as opposed to sending up help. >> i need your good questions. send them to me at after making headlines all week with their words the 49ers let their play do the talking. could they take down the super bowl champions? bowl champions? 3q whether it's from the craftsman or your cherished wood furniture, revealing its natural beauty is in your hands with old english. its mineral oil helps nourish and protect your wood. so it can be handed down for generations. bring out the natural beauty of your wood with old english. or your cherished wood furniture, revealing its natural beauty is in your hands with old english. its mineral oil helps nourish and protect your wood. so it can be handed down for generations.
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is just put our platter in the oven, which we've already prepped-- hold on, sharon !
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settled in the las 49ers staged a thriller in primetime against the defending super bowl champs in a game that was settled in the last second. jerry rice honored at half time. no 49er will ever wear number 80 again. second quarter saints up 9- 7. alex smith hits delanie walker inside the 10 but he losses the football. saints recover. that was one of four 49er turnovers. new orleans led by two points at half time. 22-14 saints, frank gore in for the score. gore had 112 yards rushing on 20 carries. they need a two-point conversion. fires a strike to vernon davis but it appears he is stop just short of the goal line. they would take another look and you will see his left foot in the end zone, overturned. a tie game with 1:19 left. they drove the 'niners 82 yards on that drive. one problem though he did it too fast. drew brees those it over the middle to marques colston, new
2:06 am
orleans in field goal range. it all came down to derrick hartley. ray mcdonalds got a hand on it but it squeaked through. 25-22, that is a tough loss for the 49ers who fall to 0-2. with more here is lisa coil at candlestick. >> reporter: the 'niners may be 0-2 on the season but they suffered two losses tonight, getting beat by the defending super bowl champs and beating themselves with four turnovers. >> we just got stopped between ourselves, we were behind up and down the field you know. it's going to stand out with us. you know, we beat ourselves, we beat ourselves, you know, we -- eh. we've got to change that. we've got to change that. >> a lot of emotions right now, you know. frustrated, it's i mean in the end it's a loss just like last week, i mean the score doesn't, loss by 1, loss by whatever. >> it's unfortunate. our guys played. but the last thing i'm gonna say is we should have won it. they hung in there, and they are the world champions from
2:07 am
last year, they did the things they had to do to win the game. so they deserved to win the game. >> eh, we have been here before. let's go do it again. we knew exactly what we had to do. just find a way to win. >> the 'niners offense didn't have any communication issues tonight but next week they go back on the road where, much like seattle, arrowhead the one of the loudest stadiums in the nfl. at candlestick park i'm kim coyle, cbs5 sports. >> thank you jim, a's and white sox, the drought is over for the rookie chris carter after going hitless in his first 33 at-bats, carter finally gets his first major league hit. that was the longest drought in a's history to start a career. they beat it 3-0 to get over .500. giants off tonight. they'll resume their pennant race tomorrow night at wrigley field. >> tough roads indeed for them. >> all righty. we're ,,,,
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instrumental music ]
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.


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